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Commercial New Construction Program

This program provides monetary incentives.

    • to owners of medium to large buildings to study different energy saving systems
    • to owners of small to large buildings (including multi-unit residential buildings) for energy efficient lighting design
    • to owners of large buildings in the early stage of the design process that have potential electricity savings with at least 50,000 kWh per year

Business Energy Saving Incentives

This Program assists BC businesses in lowering their operating costs by implementing energy-efficiency projects (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration (including ENERGY STAR®), ice-making machines) by providing incentives that can cover up to 75% of the project cost.

Continuous Optimization

This Program assists customers in saving energy and improving operations in large commercial buildings. The primary goal is to reduce the energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems through Building Automation System improvements. Lighting, refrigeration, and other energy-intensive systems with complex operating strategies and control systems are also of interest.

Project Incentives – Distribution

This Program provides funding for energy efficiency upgrade projects, up to a maximum of $500,000, including design, equipment, installation, disposal, and taxes.

Project Incentives - Self-Serve Incentive Program

Participants can apply for incentives for eligible compressed air and lighting retrofits through the Self-Serve Incentive Program online application process. Incentives can cover up to 75% of project costs.

Strategic Energy Management - Energy Monitoring & Targeting

An energy manager will collaborate with one of BC Hydro’s service providers to develop targets for a facility’s energy use as well as a proposal for a system to assist it in meeting those targets. Once the proposal is approved, BC Hydro will provide up to $80,000 in funding to implement real-time monitoring, system monitoring, and/or advanced modeling in order to gain a better understanding of the facility’s day-to-day energy usage.

EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program

EcoSave is an energy retrofit program that provides residents and businesses with on-bill financing. Energy retrofits are upgrades that include better insulation, less air leakage, and more efficient space and water heating systems. The program was created to make it easier for homes and businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

Better Buildings BC Program

This Program is intended to encourage, promote, and celebrate the design and construction of net-zero energy buildings. It offers incentives to builders and developers of multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings that meet the top tier of the BC Energy Step Code.

Commercial Lighting Rebates

This program provides commercial businesses with up to a 50% rebate on energy-efficient lighting products (including ENERGY STAR certified products):

    • electronic ballasts
    • T8 fluorescents
    • LED and energy-efficient, high-intensity discharge lighting exit lights
    • high-intensity discharge lighting
    • motion sensors and other lighting control systems

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