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Building Envelope Program

This program provides financial incentives to upgrade your building’s thermal performance by upgrading roof and wall insulation, doors, windows (including ENERGY STAR® certified products), and curtain wall systems.

Business Lighting Program

This program provides financial incentives to businesses to assist them in covering the costs of installing energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lamps, LED fixtures, LED backlit signs, and lighting controls are among the products that are DLC listed, ENERGY STAR certified, or Efficiency Manitoba approved.

Custom Energy Solutions Program

This program helps industrial, commercial, and agricultural facilities identify inefficiencies. The program offers technical assistance as well as financial assistance for feasibility studies, as well as the purchase and installation of high-efficiency technologies. Upon project completion, performance-based incentives are also available.

HVAC & Controls Program

Ground source heat pumps, CO2 sensors, and variable flow pump and fan systems are all eligible for financial incentives under this program.

New Buildings Program

This program provides technical assistance as well as financial incentives for energy modeling, building design, construction, and operation of new energy-efficient buildings.

Small Business Program

This program assists small, independently owned businesses in reducing their energy and water consumption in order to save money and energy. Small businesses may be eligible for:

Installation of the following items is provided at no cost on-site:

    • Low-flow bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators; 
    • ENERGY STAR® certified LED screw in lamps to replace 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs; 
    • low-flow pre-rinse spray-valves

Additional retrofit lighting upgrades include:

    • LED linear lamps;
    • T8 ballasts;
    • Speciality LED bulbs;
    • LED exit signs; and
    • Lighting controls


This Program provides financial incentives to businesses for implementing energy-efficient measures in their facilities. To suit the intended retrofit project, prescriptive, engineered, and custom track applications are available. Among the incentives are:

    • up to $400 for every kilowatt saved for lighting measures and
    • up to $800 for every kilowatt saved for non-lighting projects

Local electric utilities offer the saveONenergy programs, which are funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

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