Residential Solar Solutions

Say goodbye to electricity bills and increase property value with Solar PV


Discover a complete residential solar energy solution with our offerings of residential solar panels, sunlight backup, power storage batteries, and solar pool heaters. Take advantage of the most profitable energy source and experience the benefits of solar energy and start saving on your electricity bills. Explore Solar solutions with panels and solar shingles that keep your home both profitable and beautiful.



Reduce your electricity rates by up to 70%
electricity-bill colored

Predictable Rates

Eliminate your reliance on volatile grid electricity prices


Secure up to $5,600 in government rebates



Choose environmentally and financially responsible solutions

An energy-efficient home with value for you and the environment

Make a smart investment in your home and future.

Drive Profits To Your
Bottom Line In Year 1

Solar pays itself off and puts money in your pocket at the same time. That’s right, system payments are often lower than what you are saving in electricity costs, resulting in a cash flow positive investment from the very first year. By choosing solar PV for your home, you can turn your electricity expenses into home equity and cash savings, all while doing your part to sustain the planet for future generation.

Residential Solar Solutions that are
just right for you

Reduce the cost of electricity in your home with quality solar panel, tile, and shingle solutions. Whether you’re building, buying, or renovating a home, or simply need to change your roof, our experts have the right solar solution that’s guaranteed to put money back in your pocket. Make your home smart while protecting your finances and the environment by choosing solar!

Become Energy Independent

Discover Our Solar Energy Solutions for your home.

Lock in your electricity rate for 25 years! Start saving today! Increase your home value!

Start Producing Your Own Clean Electricity! Schedule A Free Solar Panel Assessment Today!

Solar PV rooftop
net-metered systems

Offset maximum energy requirement and save 80% or more on electricity bills.

Solar Shingles
& Tiles

Innovative solar tech that reduces electricity costs, improves aesthetics, and eliminates the need for a shingled roof.

How we operate


Electricity Bills Analysis

For a better understanding of your power consumption, our team analyzes your bills for the last 12 months. Based on the various aspects, we design a customized solar PV system to match your home’s energy needs.


PV Layout

Using sophisticated software employing large amounts of historical data for your location, we design a virtual layout of solar arrays on your roof, in a way that will generate maximum energy at minimal cost.



Combining your billing analysis and PV design, we create a custom report with all details regarding your PV plant, its performance, different funding options, cash flow savings, including available utility and government incentives.



Our professionals handle all paperwork and procedures related to applications for incentives, and communicate with the relevant authorities.


Engineering & Construction

Conduct a detailed survey of your building electrical and structural layout to make sure the system is set up flawlessly, followed by a installation and commissioning performed by our team of highly experienced engineers, electricians, and technicians.

Unlock the full potential of your home with residential solar panels and enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy. Our expert team of #1 Residential Solar Installer is ready to design and install solar systems tailored to your specific needs in Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, Ontario, and beyond. Take advantage of solar incentives, grants, and rebates up to $5600 to make your solar journey even more affordable. With our reliable Sunlight Backup and storage battery solutions, you can enjoy uninterrupted power and energy independence. Enhance your home value, lock in your electricity rate for 25 years, and start saving today! 

Schedule a free solar panel assessment and take the first step towards producing your own clean electricity.

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Qualify Today
Up to $5,600 Rebate
& $0 Down Financing

Qualify Today
Up to $5,600 Rebate
& $0 Down Financing

Qualify for up to
$5,000 home solar rebate
& 0% interest loan