Produce Your

Own energy

at a fraction of a grid power costs

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Produce Your

Own energy

at a fraction of a grid power costs

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at a fraction of a grid power costs

Own Energy

Produce Your

Discover the power of energy independence

Take control of your electricity costs by integrating energy efficiency technologies into your business or home. As a single-source provider of full-building energy efficiency and incentive program solution, we make it simple to address all your energy needs in one place; allowing you to prioritize projects and ensure your path to energy independence yields maximum financial benefit.

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Markets we serve

Industrial & Warehousing

Industrial facilities managers are faced with the challenge of reducing maintenance costs, increasing building efficiency while ensuring company profitability, and require energy solutions that achieve all three. We achieve this through our zero-down, pay-as-you-save, and budget neutral funding options.

Commercial & Retail

For retailer’s energy efficiency can provide a strong foundation for achieving business goals. For too long energy costs have been overlooked as a fixed operating expense. The reality is that they are easily controllable. Through a combination of system upgrades and IoT technology, reducing overhead while having control at your fingertips has never been easier.

Property Management

Aging building infrastructure and increasing electricity rates have put a major burden on property managers. Providing a great tenant experience while juggling such challenges can be difficult, but also presents a significant opportunity. Structuring landlord-tenant solutions that leverage the energy savings to pay off projects of all sizes is a proven method for increasing portfolio revenues and value for stakeholders.


The residential sector has been one of the hardest hit by rising electricity rates in the last decade, creating a housing market in which energy efficiency has become a key driver of property value. Our solar PV solutions help you build home equity through fixed monthly payments that mimic your electricity bill.

Builders & Developers

As consumers demand energy efficient, environmentally responsible, and sustainable solutions in every aspect of their lives, builders & developers have a unique opportunity to meet this demand by delivering sustainable net-zero homes. We offer a simple one-stop resource for residential and community solar projects for the new construction market.

Government & Institutional

Federal, provincial, and municipal government buildings account for a significant portion of building energy consumption in Canada. With increased pressure to achieve emissions reductions targets and balance budgets, energy efficiency improvements present a significant opportunity for all levels of government.

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