Advantages of Energy Storage Systems for Homeowners

Discover how energy storage can improve energy security for your home.

Energy Cost Saving

Reduce your electricity bills by optimizing energy usage and capitalizing on low-cost energy periods.

Home Backup

Achieve greater independence from the energy grid, safeguard against power outages.

Renewable Integration

Seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with advanced energy storage

Increase Home Value

Enhance your property value by optimizing energy costs and improving energy security.

Maximizing Savings with a Home Battery Energy Storage System

Discover utility programs and pricing incentives that make energy storage profitable for homeowners.

Energy Arbitrage

Store power during low cost periods, and use use it during peak prices, the difference stays in your pocket.

Demand Response

Generate revenue by singing up for on-call discharge of your energy storage system during peak periods.

EV Integration

Store power during off-peak prices to charge your EV vehicle at the lowest cost possible.

Secure Incentives

Capture lucrative local and federal level incentives for upgrading your home with energy storage!

Our Process

A Simple Process for Energy
Storage Integration

Electricity Bills Analysis

Through a comprehensive analysis of your billing and hourly consumption data, our team will gain insight into how you use energy, and how storage will be useful.

System Design

Using industry leading software our engineers select a battery technology and size that optimizes energy savings and achieves maximum ROI.

Financial Analysis

Details regarding your battery system, its costing, payment options, ROI, and available utility/government rebates.

Incentive Management

Our professionals handle all procedures related to incentive applications and communicate with the relevant authorities.

Installation Process

Using a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers and technicians, we commence a safe and systematic installation.

Overall, a great experience!

From the system design process with Malcom to the installation and getting it up and running with Ivan I was very happy with the project and outcome. The system is performing exactly as expected 6 months in. And the one minor hiccup was sorted on the spot, literally same day.

– Ewan Miller, Homeowner

Highly recommend their services!

They explained everything clearly, had a lot of experience working on all types of electrical projects, and seemed honest. Their engineer was detailed during the site visit. Installation teams worked efficiently and were friendly. Great work! Highly recommend their services!

– Mitchell Savic, Homeowner

They performed very high quality work

I learned a lot from these guys! They took the time to explain everything, from planning to Install. They performed very high quality work and had great communication throughout the project. Highly recommend this company for your next solar project.

– Steve Koitsopoulos, Homeowner

Choosing GI was the best desicion

We evaluated about five different companies, but Malcolm was the best. He taught us a lot about solar panels, prepared a solid and detailed quote as a starting point of the design, and we can say that choosing Green Integrations was the best decision we took in a while.

– Mircea Manolescu, Homeowner

Green Integrations was great to work with

Green Integrations was great to work with. They were always prompt to respond to my messages and made me feel like a valued client. I would like to send a very special thank you to Malcolm, Corey and the rest of the team!

– Micahel Levinson, Homeowner

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