National Incentives

30% Refundable Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit

A refundable 30% investment tax credit is available for renewable energy projects operational after March 28, 2023 to taxable entities. This incentive is designed to reduce the cost of clean technology adoption for businesses across Canada.

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15% Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit

The Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit provides a refundable 15% tax credit for investments in renewable energy, energy storage, and emissions-free electricity infrastructure. This incentive targets non-taxable bodies such as Indigenous communities and municipal utilities, intending to foster job creation, economic development, and the uptake of clean energy solutions.

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Accelerated Investment Incentive: 75% Enhanced First Year Capital Cost Allowance

If you acquire renewable energy property after November 20, 2018, and it becomes available for use before 2028, it is eligible for an enhanced first-year allowance. The enhanced allowance initially provides a 100% deduction, with a phase-out for property that becomes available for use after 2023.

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Regional Programs


Energy Efficiency Alberta Programs

Various programs were offered through Energy Efficiency Alberta to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption. This included rebates for residential and commercial solar installations, energy-efficient home improvements, and more.


The Micro-generation Regulation in Alberta empowers homeowners, small business proprietors, and farm operators to generate their own renewable energy for offsetting energy consumption, all the while maintaining a connection to the electrical grid. Surplus electricity generated is transmitted back to the provincial electricity grid, earning credits applicable to future bills. The credit rate for excess power generation is determined through pre-negotiations with your energy retailer and may fluctuate depending on your service provider. Other programs

Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

Targeted at Indigenous communities, this program offers funding for solar energy projects to help reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

On-Farm Solar PV Program

This program provides funding to agricultural producers for the installation of solar PV systems on their farms to generate renewable energy.

Alberta Solar for Schools Program

Focused on enhancing solar education and adoption, this program provides funding for solar PV installations on school buildings.

Alberta Municipal Solar Program

Aimed at municipal governments, this program provided financial incentives for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on municipal facilities.

British Columbia

Energy Efficiency – Commercial New Construction Program

This program provides monetary incentives to owners of medium to large buildings to study different energy saving systems
to owners of small to large buildings (including multi-unit residential buildings) for energy efficient lighting design to owners of large buildings in the early stage of the design process that have potential electricity savings with at least 50,000 kWh per year

Business Energy Saving Incentives

This Program assists BC businesses in lowering their operating costs by implementing energy-efficiency projects (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration (including ENERGY STAR®), ice-making machines) by providing incentives that can cover up to 75% of the project cost.

Continuous Optimization

This Program assists customers in saving energy and improving operations in large commercial buildings. The primary goal is to reduce the energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems through Building Automation System improvements. Lighting, refrigeration, and other energy-intensive systems with complex operating strategies and control systems are also of interest.

Project Incentives – Distribution

This Program provides funding for energy efficiency upgrade projects, up to a maximum of $500,000, including design, equipment, installation, disposal, and taxes.

Project Incentives – Self-Serve Incentive Program

Participants can apply for incentives for eligible compressed air and lighting retrofits through the Self-Serve Incentive Program online application process. Incentives can cover up to 75% of project costs.

Strategic Energy Management – Energy Monitoring & Targeting

An energy manager will collaborate with one of BC Hydro’s service providers to develop targets for a facility’s energy use as well as a proposal for a system to assist it in meeting those targets. Once the proposal is approved, BC Hydro will provide up to $80,000 in funding to implement real-time monitoring, system monitoring, and/or advanced modeling in order to gain a better understanding of the facility’s day-to-day energy usage.

EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program

EcoSave is an energy retrofit program that provides residents and businesses with on-bill financing. Energy retrofits are upgrades that include better insulation, less air leakage, and more efficient space and water heating systems. The program was created to make it easier for homes and businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

Better Buildings BC Program

This Program is intended to encourage, promote, and celebrate the design and construction of net-zero energy buildings. It offers incentives to builders and developers of multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings that meet the top tier of the BC Energy Step Code.

Commercial Lighting Rebates

This program provides commercial businesses with up to a 50% rebate on energy-efficient lighting products (including ENERGY STAR certified products):

electronic ballasts
T8 fluorescents
LED and energy-efficient, high-intensity discharge lighting exit lights
high-intensity discharge lighting
motion sensors and other lighting control systems


Building Envelope Program

This program provides financial incentives to upgrade your building’s thermal performance by upgrading roof and wall insulation, doors, windows (including ENERGY STAR® certified products), and curtain wall systems.

Business Lighting Program

This program provides financial incentives to businesses to assist them in covering the costs of installing energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lamps, LED fixtures, LED backlit signs, and lighting controls are among the products that are DLC listed, ENERGY STAR certified, or Efficiency Manitoba approved.

Custom Energy Solutions Program

This program helps industrial, commercial, and agricultural facilities identify inefficiencies. The program offers technical assistance as well as financial assistance for feasibility studies, as well as the purchase and installation of high-efficiency technologies. Upon project completion, performance-based incentives are also available.

HVAC & Controls Program

Ground source heat pumps, CO2 sensors, and variable flow pump and fan systems are all eligible for financial incentives under this program.

New Buildings Program

This program provides technical assistance as well as financial incentives for energy modeling, building design, construction, and operation of new energy-efficient buildings.

Small Business Program

This program assists small, independently owned businesses in reducing their energy and water consumption in order to save money and energy. Small businesses may be eligible for:

Installation of the following items is provided at no cost on-site:

Low-flow bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators;
ENERGY STAR® certified LED screw in lamps to replace 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs;
low-flow pre-rinse spray-valves

Additional retrofit lighting upgrades include:

LED linear lamps;
T8 ballasts;
Speciality LED bulbs;
LED exit signs; and
Lighting controls


This Program provides financial incentives to businesses for implementing energy-efficient measures in their facilities. To suit the intended retrofit project, prescriptive, engineered, and custom track applications are available. Among the incentives are:

up to $400 for every kilowatt saved for lighting measures and
up to $800 for every kilowatt saved for non-lighting projects

Local electric utilities offer the saveONenergy programs, which are funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator.



takeCHARGE Commercial Lighting Rebate Program

This Program assists commercial businesses across the province in making more informed lighting decisions by providing rebates on high performance T8 lighting and LED Exit signs at participating lighting retailers ($4 per qualifying ballast, $1 per qualifying lamp, and $20 per LED exit sign full fixture or retrofit kit).

takeCHARGE Isolated Systems Business Efficiency Program

This Program focuses on commercial customers in isolated systems, offering assistance and financial incentives for a variety of energy-saving projects.

takeCHARGE Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Through monthly payments on a customer’s electricity bill, takeCHARGE is partnering with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to subsidize the financing required to purchase and install a qualified heat pump, insulation, and/or home energy assessments. The subsidy will take the form of a lower interest rate. Each year, a cap or maximum amount of subsidy will be provided.The Program aims to reduce the cost of energy efficiency upgrades so that homeowners can save money on their energy bills while also improving their home’s comfort.

Nova Scotia

Agriculture Program

This program provides rebates on high-quality, energy-efficient equipment and identifies energy-saving opportunities, allowing a farming business to operate at peak efficiency.

Commercial Buildings Rebates

This program provides incentives, financing, and expert advice to businesses looking to upgrade to more energy-efficient products. Rebates on products such as HVAC, water systems, and lighting aid in the cost of custom services and engineering studies.

Manufacturing Program

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers a variety of programs, rebates, and incentives to assist a manufacturing plant or business in running more efficiently, including:

scoping studies tailored to a company’s needs to identify energy-saving opportunities
rebates for high-quality, dependable equipment to help reduce equipment downtime
comprehensive energy management plans to help streamline work, reduce waste, and create a more productive environment for employees
installation of energy management information systems and employee training that will reduce a facility’s operating costs and increase profits

Small Business Rebates

Rebates on high-quality, energy-efficient equipment and programs that identify energy-saving opportunities could benefit small businesses. Among the products are:

energy-efficient lighting and lighting control systems
energy-efficient heating systems, i.e. air and ground-source heat pumps, HVAC sensors and more
energy-efficient kitchen equipment, i.e. ovens, freezers and refrigerators

Solar City Program

The Solar City program provides municipal property owners with access to innovative solar energy options that can be financed through a solar collector account with the Halifax Regional Municipality. Property owners can install one or more of the following solar technologies: solar electric, solar hot air, and solar hot water.

SolarHomes Program

Efficiency Nova Scotia provides incentives to make solar energy more affordable than ever before. The SolarHomes program assists Nova Scotians in harnessing the energy of the sun by providing a rebate on approved solar PV systems.

Clean Energy Financing Program

Do you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency or install clean energy options but don’t think you can afford it? You can now. If you live in one of the seven participating towns or municipalities, you can get cleaner energy for your home while paying for it at a pace that works for you.


High-Rise Retrofit Improvement Support Program

The City of Toronto’s Hi-RIS program assists apartment building owners in making energy and water-saving improvements to their properties. This program offers financing with terms of up to 20 years at competitive fixed rates to three-story or more residential apartment buildings in Toronto.

Commercial Retrofit Program

This Program provides one-time incentives of $0.10 per m3 of natural gas saved, up to $100,000 to commercial businesses for implementing any number of energy-saving measures. Higher efficiency boilers, higher efficiency combination water and space heating systems, better building controls, water conservation, and efficient make-up air and ventilation (including ENERGY STAR) are all eligible measures.

Comprehensive Energy Management Program

Participants will gain a better understanding of key energy drivers as a result of this Program, allowing them to shape their energy goals and develop the appropriate strategy. The emphasis and financial support are concentrated on five major components:

Senior management sponsorship
Creation of an energy policy
Assigning an energy champion
Development of an energy model
Taking action towards continuous energy improvement


This Program encourages whole-building energy performance improvements by offering incentives of up to four cents per kilowatt-hour ($0.04/kWh) of savings per year for up to four years. This pay-for-performance model rewards participants who can implement behavioral and operational changes alongside capital investment projects to achieve and grow energy savings over time. It offers a variety of services.


This Program provides financial incentives to businesses for implementing energy-efficient measures in their facilities. To suit the intended retrofit project, prescriptive, engineered, and custom track applications are available. Among the incentives are:

up to $400 for every kilowatt saved for lighting measures and
up to $800 for every kilowatt saved for non-lighting projects
Local electric utilities offer the saveONenergy programs, which are funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

FUNDING PROGRAMS-Loans for Energy Retrofit

Community-based or not-for-profit organizations in Toronto are eligible for a low-interest loan to cover up to 100 percent of the cost of their energy retrofit project. The following are examples of typical retrofit measures:

Lighting retrofits
Equipment replacement, including chillers and HVAC systems
Building envelope improvements
Building automation systems and controls
Renewable energy projects
Energy storage
Other measures/technologies as needed
All Toronto buildings are eligible, including the following:

Commercial, Retail and Industrial
Multi-Family Residential
Condominium buildings (common areas only, not individual units)
Hospitals and Long-Term Care
Schools, Colleges and Universities
Social Housing

Prince Edward Island

Business Energy Rebates Program

This Program assists businesses, non-profits, and institutional organizations, as well as industrial and agricultural facilities, in selecting high-efficiency products. Businesses may be eligible for rebates if they upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting and install heat pumps (including ENERGY STAR certified models).

Energy Smart Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

This Program offers financial incentives of up to $3,000 for an evaluation to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building and up to $75,000 for energy retrofitting project costs.

Energy Smart Industrial Program

This program offers financial incentives as well as advice to help industrial facilities become more energy efficient. Facilities can better manage energy costs while improving productivity and competitiveness by researching and implementing energy efficiency measures.
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Demand Response Program

SaskPower pays its largest industrial customers to reduce or shift their electricity use through this program. This enables them to be more responsive to peak demand, ensuring that power is available when it is required. Customers enrolled in the program receive financial compensation in exchange for shifting or reducing their power consumption.

Industrial Energy Optimization Program

This Program is intended to assist industrial facilities in systematically identifying energy waste and lowering the costs associated with the use of electrical energy during the manufacturing process. It provides participants with personalized support aimed at improving the efficiency of process operations, resulting in lower costs, emissions, and environmental impact.

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