Why Businesses Choose LED Lighting

Explore how LED lighting can significantly improve your business operations, bringing enhanced efficiency and safety.

Energy Efficiency

LED significantly reduces energy consumption, offering a greener, more efficient lighting solution for your business.

Cost Savings

Lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs make LED lighting a cost-effective choice for long-term financial savings.

Enhanced Aesthetics

LED elevates visual aesthetics and significantly improves safety, creating an better environment for both employees and customers.

Environmental Impact

By using less energy and lasting longer, LED lights significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint

Why Clients Choose to Work With Us

For over a decade the world’s largest organizations have been choosing Green Integrations to install and maintain their LED lighting systems. Join this growing community and explore cutting-edge LED lighting solutions backed by industry-leading labor warranties.

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Trusted Partner

The secret to our success over the last 11+  years has been winning our clients trust, every step of the way.

Proven Track Record

We’ve completed hundreds of projects with a record of delivering outstanding results across multiple technologies & industries.

Turnkey Service

From initial consultation to system design, installation, and ongoing maintenance, we seamlessly manage everything.

Product Agnostic

We source the most proven technologies and provide an unbiased opinion allowing our clients to make an informed decision.

Maintenance Warranty

Being a long-term partner, we provide maintenance warranties that ensure smooth, hands-off operation for our client’s systems.

Your Best Interest

We take full ownership of our client’s projects as if we were implementing them for our own properties.


50% Rebate

Secure lucrative rebates that maximize ROI

Zero Down

Pay off upgrades from the realized energy savings

80% Savings

Reduce lighting consumption by up to 80%

Explore Payment Plans

Client Focused Service

A Streamlined Process for
Lighting Upgrades

Audit & Design

We take time to understand your facility and lighting needs, crafting detailed photometric designs, ensuring lighting levels and energy consumption.

Financial Analysis

We provide high-quality detailed cost benefit analysis that allow our clients to compare different lighting upgrade options to meet various requirements.

Incentive Management

We’ll take care of the paperwork and make sure your rebates come in as promised, or we’ll cover the difference.


Pay-as-you-save, shared savings, or zero interest payment plans, we make the approval process simple.

Install & Maintain

Unmatched project planning & execution, and industry leading maintenance programs to ensure hands off operation of your lighting system.


Advanced LED Lighting
For Any Project


Create the ideal conditions for your employees to be more focused and productive.


Improve safety and security with the right choice of exterior LED lighting.


Optimize light levels and building operational efficiency with the correct industrial LED solution.


Improve reliability through specialty LED lighting for the most demanding areas of your building.


Discover high-end architectural LED solutions for demanding and creative lighting projects.


Maximize the production of your plants with LED solutions that enhance growth and yield.

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