Benefits of Energy Storage For Canadian Businesses

Discover how energy storage can futureproof your business operations.

Reduce Energy Costs

Significantly reduce your electricity bills by capitalizing on low-cost energy periods.

Improve Resiliency

Ahieve greater independence from the energy grid, prevent disruptions from flickers and brown outs.

Renewable Energy Integration

Seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with advanced energy storage.

Optimize Efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency with energy storage, optimize consumption, minimize waste and improve power quality.

Generate Revenue

Participate in local electricity market programs to generate additional revenues with BESS.


Prepare for a decentralized electricity grid, price volatility, and supply instability with BESS.

Total Energy Optimization

BESS provides businesses with three key advantages:

Peak Shaving : Smooth out electricity demand spikes, reducing peak load and avoid costly peak demand charges.

Energy Arbitrage : Store excess energy during off-peak hours when electricity rates are low and use it during peak hours when rates are higher, maximizing cost savings.

Capacity Auction : Participate in capacity markets by offering stored energy to grid operators, earning additional revenue for providing power when demand is high.

Operating Reserve : Provide essential grid services by contributing stored energy to the grid during emergencies or sudden fluctuations, earning compensation for supporting grid stability.

Backup Power : Ensure uninterrupted operations during power outages by utilizing stored energy as a reliable backup power source, minimizing downtime and protecting critical systems.

Prevent Flickers : Smooth out voltage fluctuations and prevent power flickers, improving the stability and quality of your electrical supply for sensitive equipment and processes.

Our Process

Our Turnkey Process For Seamless
BESS Integration

Electricity Bills Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your billing and hourly consumption data to understand your energy usage patterns and identify opportunities for optimization through BESS.

System Design

Utilizing top-tier software, our engineers design a BESS solution with the ideal battery technology and size to maximize energy savings and ensure the highest return on investment.

Financial Analysis

We generate an in-depth report outlining the proposed BESS solution, savings, budget requirements, financing options, and information about available utility and government rebates.

Incentive Management

Our proficient team manages all aspects of incentive applications, from paperwork to communication with relevant authorities, ensuring you capitalize on available benefits.

Construction Process

Our installation process is executed by a dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians, guaranteeing a safe, streamlined, and meticulously planned installation of your BESS.

Operations & Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring, regular maintenance, and prompt issue resolution, all handled by our expert team, providing end-to-end energy storage management.

Financial Incentives


Refundable Investment Tax Credit


Local utility rebates


Enhanced Capital Cost Allowance

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Your questions, answered

Discover answers to the industry’s most common questions, and if you still have queries, feel free to reach out to us without hesitation.

Why should I consider battery energy storage solutions (BESS)?

Battery energy storage solutions offer various capabilities from storing electricity from your solar panel system, to improving energy resiliency through back up power and disruption mitigation. Moreover, they offer various financial benefits through consumption optimization and participation in utility programs. In some markets you can also generate revenue streams through ancillary services.

What are the benefits of battery energy storage solutions?

Simply put, a BESS enhances a facilities financial and energy resiliency. First, it allows a facility operator to optimize energy use according to utility pricing schemes, and any other incentives the particular market may offer, resulting in substantial savings and revenue streams. Secondly, it allows businesses to prevent disruptions from flickers and brownouts, offering energy security without the use of diesel or gas generators.

How can I choose the type of battery energy storage system that is right for me?

The energy needs of facilities differ case by case, as do the rate structures, utility programs, rebates, and potential BESS revenue streams. Therefore, it is important to choose the BESS that takes into account all of the variables, maximizes operational efficiency, while also optimizing energy savings and revenues. Based on your operational and financial requirements, our professionals will assess your needs and provide you with the right BESS.

Do energy storage batteries work with any of the fuel sources?

Energy storage technology is neutral to the fuel sources and therefore, yes, it can support any of them. From solar, wind, and other traditional sources, energy storage batteries capture the electricity that is generated and stores it for future use.

Is battery energy storage system an environmentally friendly technology?

Battery energy storage causes no direct emissions and in fact, helps reduce them by enhancing the transition to renewable energy while assisting traditional energy grids to operate more efficiently. BESS have a minimal footprint and there are no pipelines required.

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