Benefits of EV Charging for Buisnesses

Attract Clients & Talent

Attracts eco-conscious customers and enhances workplace satisfaction for employees with electric vehicles.

Enhance Corporate Image

Demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, building a green reputation, and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

General Revenue & Futureproof

Positions the business to cater to the expanding market of electric vehicle users, generate revenue, and capture lucrative incentives.

Increased Dwell Time and Collaboration Opportunities

Boosts sales by extending customer dwell time and open doors to collaboration with stakeholders in the electric vehicle and sustainability sectors. 

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How Can We help?

A single source for EV infrastructure solutions
for businesses.

Tailored Solutions

Customized assistance in choosing EV charging options that meet your business needs.

Design & Feasibility

Expert guidance throughout the design and feasibility stages of your EV infrastructure plan.

Utility Approvals

Streamlined support in navigating utility approvals for seamless EV charging implementation.

Upgrade & Integration

Smooth integration of EV charging infrastructure upgrades into existing facility electrical system.

Scalable & Futureproof

Scalable solutions designed to futureproof your EV charging infrastructure investments.

Incentive Management

Efficient management of incentives to maximize cost savings for EV charging installations.

Our Process

Simplifying EV Integration

Premises Survey

Starting with a detailed survey of your commercial premises to identify the best suited location for your stations and any installation related details.

Comprehensive Proposal

Whether you need a level 2 or DC fast charger, Pay-per-use or free use, we ensure the solution is designed to your specific requirements.

Utility Approvals

We’ll work closely with your Local Distribution Company to ensure all necessary approvals are in place before proceeding with the installation.

Installation Process

Our team of experienced electricians will install and commission the EV chargers as planned.

EV Charging Levels

Choosing The Right Charging Option

Level 1 Charging

The first EV charging level is the basic Level 1 charger. A Level 1 charger is simply charging from a standard 120V household outlet, which only provides about 4 to 5 miles of range per hour. Some people find that this is sufficient, as they do not drive very far every day, and can leave the car plugged in for many hours to replenish the energy used that day. 

Level 2  Charging

Level 2 chargers take in a voltage supply over 200 volts and will charge a typical EV at a rate between 12 to 60 miles of range per hour, depending on how much power the charger can supply, and how much power the EV can accept. In Canada, most homes use 240 volts for appliances like an oven and dryer, which is simply putting two 120V circuits together.

Level 3 Charging (DC fast charging)

DC fast charging uses direct current (DC), which is different from alternating current (AC) that is available in homes and most commercial buildings.
DC charging is available at a much higher voltage and can charge some plug-in electric vehicles with as high as 800 volts. This allows for very rapid charging to 80 percent in 20-30 minutes.

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