Commercial Solar Grant Program in Ottawa

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The City of Ottawa’s Distributed Energy Resource (DER) grant program is designed to support the implementation of solar and battery storage systems specifically for load displacement projects. This program offers to fund up to 50% of the project costs, emphasizing energy independence and reducing strain on the local grid in capacity-constrained areas.

Key Concepts: Load Displacement vs. Net-Metering

Load Displacement:

  • Definition: Load displacement involves generating electricity for immediate on-site use, rather than exporting excess power back to the grid.
  • Mechanism: Solar panels and battery storage systems work together to store any surplus energy generated, which can then be used during peak times or outages, ensuring continuous power supply without reliance on grid feedback.
  • Benefits: Enhances energy resilience, reduces energy costs, and ensures a steady power supply during peak demand or outages.


  • Definition: Net-metering allows consumers to generate their own electricity and send excess power back to the grid in exchange for credits that offset their energy consumption.
  • Mechanism: Energy meters track the amount of energy sent back to the grid, effectively reducing future electricity bills based on the credits earned.
  • Benefits: Provides direct financial returns for excess energy generated, encourages larger solar installations, and integrates renewable energy into the broader power grid.

The Ottawa Commercial Solar DER Grant Program

This grant program focuses exclusively on load displacement projects. By subsidizing up to 50% of the costs for solar and battery storage installations, the program aims to alleviate capacity constraints and promote sustainable energy use within Ottawa. Here are some key details and benefits:

  1. Eligibility and Application:
    • Projects must be located in designated capacity-constrained areas.
    • Detailed proposals including cost estimates and projected energy savings are required.
    • The city’s evaluation process considers the potential impact on grid stability and overall sustainability.
  2. Implementation and Support:
    • Successful applicants can proceed with installations, benefiting from substantial financial support.
    • The program encourages both residential and commercial participation, promoting widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions.
  3. Eligible Postal Codes: The program is available in specific Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs) in Ottawa. Eligible FSAs include: K1V, K1X, K2J, K2K, K2L, K2M, K2S, K2T, K2V, K2W, K4M, K1A, K1B, K1C, K1E, K1G, K1H, K1J, K1K, K1L, K1M, K1N, K1P, K1R, K1S, K1T, K1W, K1Y, K1Z, K2A, K2B, K2C, K2E, K2G, K2H, K2P, K2R, K4A, K4B, K4P

How Can We Help?

At Green Integrations, we provide comprehensive support for your commercial solar energy projects through our proven process:

  1. Assess: We conduct thorough energy audits to understand your specific energy consumption and identify opportunities for solar and battery storage installations.
  2. Design: Our team crafts personalized solar energy solutions tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Finance: We offer flexible financing options that allow you to fund your project through the savings generated from your energy-efficient upgrades.
  4. Install: Our skilled professionals ensure seamless installation of solar panels and battery systems, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.
  5. Maintain: We provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure your systems operate smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.
  6. Operate: We optimize, monitor, and manage your energy assets, ensuring peak performance and reliability.


The Ottawa DER grant program is a forward-thinking initiative designed to address energy capacity constraints while promoting renewable energy solutions. By focusing on load displacement projects, the city is encouraging residents and businesses to become more self-sufficient and environmentally conscious, all while ensuring the stability and efficiency of the local power grid.

Learn More About the Ottawa DER Grant Program

Discover how your business can benefit from the Ottawa DER grant program, supporting renewable energy solutions and reducing energy costs. Contact us now to explore eligibility criteria and start your application today!

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