what is der?

Distributed Energy
Resources: A How-to Guide

If you are looking for ways to solve problems such as high energy costs or low electric power reliability, distributed energy resources (DER) could be the solution you’re seeking.

What are DERs?

DERs are small-scale, decentralized energy-generating or energy-storage technologies that are often located close to where energy is used.DER systems can usually be sized to meet the particular needs of the facility. DERs include technologies such as solar panels, energy storages, batteries, and other systems that generate or store energy.

How are DER systems used?

DERs help balance electricity use, support the main power grid, and provide backup power during outages. They play a key role in using clean energy, making the grid more reliable, and even allowing communities to generate their own power.

How do you know if DER systems are the right choice for your facility?

Several economic and environmental factors make it worthwhile to consider DER.Several factors contribute to this, including the high costs of electric energy and fuel, along with the increasing environmental concerns in recent years.Uncertain fuel supplies and the increasing potential for disruptions in electricity service are prompting us to look for alternatives to traditional energy providers.

Economic Benefits

Embrace renewable innovation for impressive savings, energy self-reliance and improved efficiency.

Reduce Cost

Generate your own power at a fraction of the cost of grid electricity and hedge against further rate inflation.

Reliable Power

Mitigate the impact of unreliable power supply in remote and rural areas and become energy independent.

Build Equity

Maximize the use of your farm by turn your electricity bills into business equity though onsite power generation.

Secure Incentives

Combine tax incentives and local rebates to obtain up to 70% non-repayable funding toward your project.

Environmental Impact

Cultivate sustainability with sun-powered energy for agriculture!

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Integrating DER’s can help reduce the farm’s carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Preserve Natural Resources

If you are concerned about the long-term well-being of ecosystems and the environment, renewable solutions are the best option for you.

Healthier Community

Farms that embrace renewable energy and sustainability practices often enjoy positive relationships with local communities.

Agricultural Solutions

Distributed Energy Resources for your farm



Refundable Investment Tax Credit


First Year Enhanced Capital Cost Allowance


First Year Enhanced Capital Cost Allowance

Our Process

Your energy independence, our expertise


Connect with our informed team to initiate discussions about your project. In a concise 30-minute consultation, we delve into the specifics, offering you a preliminary overview of the key DER opportunities tailored to your project’s unique needs.


Once we grasp your project’s sustainability objectives, we deliver an in-depth feasibility analysis encompassing budgetary costs, incentives, and regulatory requirements. Armed with this comprehensive information, you’ll have the clarity needed to propel your project forward confidently.


With insights gained from consultation and feasibility, we transition into the planning phase. Collaboratively shaping blueprints for your sustainable vision, our experts ensure that the integration of DERs aligns seamlessly with your project’s development goals.


From planning to execution, we bring your vision to life. Seamlessly implementing DER integration, our team ensures a flawless execution, transforming your developments into beacons of sustainability that meet the highest standards of efficiency and innovation.


Sustaining excellence is our commitment. Beyond implementation, we stand by you to ensure the smooth operation of your DERs. Let us handle the complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business, while we ensure your sustainable energy solutions continue to shine.

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