Heating Air With Sunlight!

How does solar thermal
technology work?

Discover the fundamental principles behind solar energy, explaining how sunlight is used to heat air.

Sunlight Absorption

The process begins with a solar air collector, which is usually installed on a wall or roof facing the sun. The collector has a dark-colored absorbent surface that captures and absorbs solar radiation. This surface is often made of metal and is designed to maximize heat absorption.

Air Heating

As the sun heats the collector’s surface, the air inside or around the collector is also heated. This can be done in two ways: In a ‘closed-loop’ system, air is circulated inside the collector through vents or tubes, getting heated directly by the absorptive surface. In an ‘open-loop’ system, air passes over or through the collector, absorbing heat as it moves.

Air Heating

Once the air is heated, it needs to be circulated into the space that requires heating. This is typically achieved using fans or blowers. In passive systems, natural convection can circulate the air, but active systems use mechanical means to ensure efficient and controlled distribution of the heated air.

Heat Distribution and Regulation

The heated air is then distributed throughout the building or space using conventional ductwork or through specific vents. The system can be integrated with existing heating and ventilation systems for better distribution. Temperature regulation is typically managed using thermostats and controls to maintain a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature.

Solar thermal for air & water heating

Reducing scope 1 emissions

As businesses face the challenge of reducing emissions, our solar thermal systems offer a powerful solution. By harnessing the sun’s energy, businesses can minimize their reliance on fossil fuels for heating, thereby cutting down their scope 1 emissions and contributing to a greener future.

Comprehensive heating capabilities

Our solar thermal solutions cater to various heating needs, including domestic hot water, ambient heating, and process heating. Whether you require hot water for daily operations, heating for indoor spaces, or specialized heating for industrial processes, our systems are designed to meet your unique requirements.

Solar thermal technologies

We offer a range of solar thermal technologies, such as flat plate collectors, evacuated tube collectors, and concentrating collectors, each with its own strengths and applications. Our experts will assess your heating needs and recommend the most suitable technology to maximize energy capture and optimize system performance.

Incentives for financial support

To encourage businesses to adopt solar thermal systems, various incentives are available. These include a 30% Refundable Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that significantly offsets the initial investment, the Accelerated Investment Incentive allowing for 75% write-off of the system in year one, and industry-specific micro grants periodically released to provide additional financial support.

Our Process

A cost-effective, hassle-free turnkey
process for seamless Energy storage.

Utility Bills Analysis

For a better understanding of your heating needs, our team analyses your utility bills for the last 12 months. We then design a customized solar thermal system to match your energy needs.

Solar Layout Design

Using sophisticated software employing large amounts of historical weather data for your location, we design a layout of solar thermal arrays on suitable parts of your facility.

Financial Analysis

Combining your billing analysis and solar thermal design, we create a custom report with all details regarding your solution; its performance, funding operations, cash flow savings, including available utility and government rebates.

Incentive Management

Our professionals handle all paperwork and procedures related to applications for incentives, and communicate with the relevant authorities.

Engineering & Construction

A detailed survey of your building is required to finalize the system design and integration method. This is followed by permitting and installation performed by our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians.

Benefits of solar power

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